Nicaragua’s school year started in February so we have been traveling every weekend since January to communities that are extremely remote with little to no hope for an education. Sharing the love of Jesus with them along with giving backpacks, school supplies, uniforms and shoes to kids who don’t otherwise have an opportunity for education. This year thousands more children are sitting in classrooms instead of rummaging through trash all day or begging in the streets.

The local Pastor’s wife in one of the communities shared the need of these two beautiful sisters that have been left alone by their parents who went out in search of work years ago. They live in this humble home with dirt floors and plastic roof. An older lady that they call “abuela” lives next door and comes to check on them. I couldn’t help but ask, “How do they survive?” The girls hike hours away up the mountain side to pick coffee and make about 50 american cents for a days work. This is their life and it’s normal for them because it’s all they know.

Through Feed the Hungry Nicaragua we started a feeding program in this community in 2015. When the Pastor’s wife became aware of the girls situation (which is unfortunately all too common in Nicaragua) she went out in search for them. This local Assembly of God church has been reaching out to them to love and care for them ever since. The girls now receive a warm nutritious meal 5 días a week at lunch time in the local church. Both of the girls have accepted Jesus into their hearts and are healthy and happy.
En February we had the honor of hiking up to their home in the mountains and then taking them to the church where we had everything set up like a store so that they could select everything they needed to go to school. The girls should be going into 2nd and 3rd grade but since they have never attend school before they are currently both studying in 1st grade.

Words will never be enough to express our gratitude to those of you who walk had in hand with us making it posible for us to hike these mountains and skim the river beds for children lost and abandoned with no hope. We will never have enough to repay you, but our father in heaven has more than enough and today we ask Him to bless you beyond measure. May your sacrifice be multiplied and overflowing so that all may know Him by name. May He receive all the Glory and the Honor for what He has done in the lives of these two beauties.