Yesterday we had a community brick cleaning day at the new church construction outside the dump. Prepping the brick to get sealed next week. These 4 kiddos were standing by the entrance to the dump. We invited them over and I asked if they wanted to help. The little guy in the orange, Carlito, said “Come on girls let’s help Tia Kendra.” So, we gave them the job of scraping and cleaning the lower part of the entire front of the porch and I said to them, “Today you guys have the opportunity to do this for the Lord not just to help me out, so try to give Him your very best.” Then, I got up from helping them after about 10 minutes and went to help measure the doors. When I turned back around they were all gone. So, I stayed up top working and about and hour and a half later I got a tap on my leg….”Tía kendra, I’m finished.” It was little Carlito.

All the girls had left to search for water and still hadn’t come back. There he stayed all alone until the job was done. I just didn’t see him from up above because he was so little and intently squatted down working. So precious! I said, “Carlito, wow you did a lot of work all alone and you did a really GREAT job.” He looked at me with the best reply, “Of course I did. I did it just for Him.”